member card.

convenient, powerful, instant

Just tap and go with the Union 1 SMART card. Using powerful NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, your members now have the key to unlock the power of Union 1. One card, connected.

Member id is part of the Union1 ecosystem, developed and maintained by Union Digital.


Access card

Access card to the Union Digital platform


Single-Sign-On (SSO) for digital platforms (supports

Stylistic card

Stylistic card for members to keep at all times

Smart NFC Chip

Built-in Smart NFC Chip lets members tap their membership card with their smartphones to perform custom programmable actions

Smart QR

Smart QR allows members with older smartphones and devices to scan the QR code printed on their card to launch web pages and custom actions

Production Value.

In-house Encoding

All cards printed and encoded in-house by unionized staff

Scalable production

Scalable production workflow allows for one-off cards and small to large volume orders

Canada Post certified

Canada Post certified print shop

Streamlined Fulfillment

Direct mail to membership for streamlined fulfillment

Eco-friendly Toner

All digital printing facility with Eco-friendly toner

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